Breed Facts

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  1. Known as the “Duck Dog” (Caniche) in France
  2. Known as the “Water Dog” (Pudel) in Germany
  3. The name Poodle comes from the ancient German word “Pudeln” meaning splash in water
  4. The National Dog of France, even though they originated in Germany
  5. The Standard Poodle is the oldest of all three varieties
  6. Very good at retrieving from water
  7. The German Poodle had a thicker, woollier coat
  8. Two types of coat – curly and corded.
  9. Standard bred with Labrador and Golden Retriever produces the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle respectively
  10. Miniature/Toy bred with Spaniels produces the Cockerpoo and the Spoodle
  11. Not aggressive, but do make very good guard dogs.

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